Walk for Life

Marshal Information ​​


Head Marshal 


Coordinates Marshals 

Provides support to Marshal Leaders 

Manages the Walk

Keep Christopher in the loop via radio 


Border Marshals

 Border Marshal Leader Juli 

45 Border Marshals 

  • Secure the perimeter of Pennington Gardens 

  • Ensure people head to Check In Locations 

  • Inform attendees of Check In locations 

  • Direct cars to carpark 

  • Line the walk route to ensure people keep of tram lines 

  • Manage potential bottlenecks at Station Road, vertical movement zones eg stairs, Footbridge and crossing at War Memorial Drive 


Check In Marshals

Check In Marshal Leader Chris 

12 at 1, 2 & 4 and 12 at 3 

Administrative Check In Marshals 8

Check in people via the contact tracing record form 

Check In Marshals 

Sight check in on either the COVID check in app or pre registration app on Love Adelaide website 

Direct people to Check In 

Inform people on where to Check In 

Move people into Pennington Gardens out of Check In Areas 


Sector Marshals 

Sector Marshal Leader Amanda 

70 Marshals

  • Manage a given area as a team 

  • Move people to exits to walk

  • Monitor the density of their sector 

  • Direct people to the areas based on attendee wristbands 


Team Marshals

TBA 15 Team Marshals  and 25 Check In

  • Hand out signs on arrival

  • Manage water distribution 

  • Welcome people to event 

  • Restock entry wristband area collection 

  • Hand out LOVE THEM BOTH wristbands

  • Collection of signs at conclusion


Covid Marshals

6 Sector, 2 at bathrooms, 15 with Border Marshals 

  • Will join Sector Marshal group 

  • Be at Check In Locations

  • Will support Border Marshals at the Footbridge, Station Road, War Memorial Drive and vertical transport eg stairs 

  • Stationed at bathrooms

  • Will look at social distancing and density


First Aid Marshals

Neil First Aid Team Leader 17 First Aid Marshals  

  • To attend to anyone in need of first aid

  • To work with First Aid team leader in making decisions on PT health.




Contact Tracing 


AT 9:30AM

Pennington Gardens Entry Map


Map Information 

  • Parklands will be taped off 

  • There are 4 entrances to the park 

  • There is one exit to parklands during event onto Pennington Terrace

Area & Sector 

Map Information 


  • There are 3 area's on your map A, B, C

  • These areas will be colour coded to match wristbands given on entry 

Sector ​

  • ​Areas are divided into 2 to create a sector 

  • Sectors are managed by Sector Marshals and Covid Marshals assigned to that area

Check In

It is a condition for entry that you Check In to this event you can;

  • Register online at Love Adelaide website 

  • Use the COVID Check In app 

  • On the Using the Contact Tracing Record 

There is also a wellness declaration at our entries for people to read, by entering event you agree to the declaration. 

Entry to Pennington Gardens 

Entry 1 & 2 NO SIGN IN PROVISION (5 per gate)

  • 3 gates at each entry 

  • Each gate at capacity in a half hour period can process 900 people 

Entry 3 SIGN IN ONLY  

  • 8 staff processing names (12 people)

  • each team member can process 23 people in 30 mins at maximum 

Entry 4 NO SIGN IN PROVISION (2 People)

  • 1 gate off of King William Road  

  • Each gate at capacity in a half hour period can process 900 people 

Border Marshals

Event opens to the Public (9:30am)

Border Marshals;


  • Assemble around perimeter of Pennington Gardens on Pennington Terrace, King William Road and on walk way into gardens on the carpark side 

  • Maybe stationed at road entrance point for cars to know where to park 

  • Bus parking maybe required and we will have further direction for this team on the day

  • Check with the public that they have signed in either online using Love Adelaide Website, COVID Check In app or direct them to sign in entry  

  • Once event parking has occurred and event has commenced this team will on direction of Border and Head Marshal move to control the road and mark the walk route for attendees 

Check In Marshals

Event opens to the Public (9:30am)

Check In Marshals;


  • Head to your assigned area  

  • If your on the gate you need to sight a Covid app check in or Love Adelaide tickets  

  • Support teams at Check In will direct people to open lane 

  • Will check as people arrived that they have signed in 

  • Remind those awaiting to pass through gates that its a condition of entry 

  • Keep gates moving   

  • Check In Marshal Leader at each gate will communicate with Head Marshal and/or Check In Marshal Leader 

Please note each entrance has a sanitiser station 

Team Marshals

Event opens to the Public (9:30am)

Team Marshals at check in will; Gates 1 & 2 (3 per gate), Gate 4 (1) and Gate 3 (2)


  • Ensure people pickup an entry wristband and put it on

  • Restock entry wristbands as required  

  • Welcome people to the event and provide them directions to signs and water

  •  Distribute LOVE THEM BOTH wristbands

  • Collection of signs at the conclusion of the event 

COVID Marshal 

Event opens to the Public (9:30am)

COVID Marshal assigned to Check In or Border Marshals;


  • Will head to one of our four entries or border areas 

  • Will check for social distancing 

  • Will support Check In and Border Marshals 

Sector & COVID Marshals

Event opens to the Public (9:30am)

Sector Marshals will;


  • Ensure people are wearing a entry wristband 

  • Direct people to the colour coded area on there entry wristband 

  • As area fill sector Marshals will move to their assigned sector 

  • Sector Team Leader will need to arrange with Sector team and COVID Marshal in sector, a head count before event start at 9:50 again 10:20 after late arrivals and 10:50 before exiting for the walk.

  • COVID Marshal will pass these details via text message to Admin Team number will be provided  

Leaving Pennington

We aim to leave Pennington Gardens at 11am 

Border Marshals

King William Road (10)

  • At the direction of Border Marshal Leader and in conjunction with police will step out on the roadside to direct people 

North Terrace (5) COVID Marshal (1)

  • At direction of Police Marshals will make their way onto road ensuring people do not spill over tram lines 

Station Road (6) COVID Marshal (1)

  • Will direct people into station road

  • Will assist in escorting people to elevator if need be

  • Will direct people to stairs and escalator

  • Spread people out and slow them down 

  • Avoid bottlenecks 

  • Communicate with Head Marshal and Border Leader Marshal

Maximum capacity at station road is 1108 people 

Staircase (6) COVID Marshal (2)

  • Direct people down stairs slowly 

  • Maximum capacity on first set of steps with no social groups is 15, with Social grouping around 20 people till landing

  • Allow landing to clear before next group can pass through 

  • Disinfectant wipes will be supplied for cleaning of railings between Sectors moving through

Escalator (Included in Staircase) 

  • 20 people per elevator single file ​

  • 23 seconds to clear elevators 

  • There are 2 escaltors that will be going down at this stage 

  • Wipe down escalator between Sectors moving through 

Staircase and escalator area maximum capacity is 329 people


  • 2 elevators are located past Adelaide Train Station next to the Intercontinental Hotel

  • 2 people can be an elevator at one time 

  • People who require elevators will need to alert a Border Marshal at the entrance to Station Rd who will escort people to elevators 

  • Border Marshal will make contact via radio with a Covid Marshal to meet them on the lower floor to escort them back to there Sector 

Lower level capacity before bridge is 318 people

Footbridge (4) COVID (2)

  • ​Ensure people safely cross the road onto War Memorial Drive with assistance from SAPOL  

  • Slow sectors down so we remain staggered

Bridge capacity is 1127 people

Return to Pennington (6) 

Sector Marshals 

Event MC or staff will provide direction; 

  • We will be leaving Pennington via two exits on King William Road 

  • We will be leaving in areas divided into sectors 

  • Sector Marshals will move to road with attendees at the direction of Head Marshal 

  • Sector Marshal Leader will manage movement within Pennington Gardens 

  • Area C will move first at the direction of Head Marshal to Road 

  • Sector 3 will use Exit 1 

  • Sector 6 will use Exit 2

  • Sector marshals will be required to direct people to road

  • We must have distance between each sector and spread out once on road

  • Sector team Leader will need to keep in contact with Head Marshal on speed to avoid bottlenecks 

  • Area A will move and fill down into cleared sectors 

  • Sector 2 will move into sector 3 using exit 1

  • Sector 1 will move into sectors 2 and 6 using exit 2

  • Area B will move 

  • Sector 5 will move to sector 2 and 3 

  • Sector 4 will move to 5 and 6 

Please follow the directions of the Sector Leader and only enter King William Road on the order of the Head Marshal 

Check In Marshals & Team Marshals

Prior to leaving for walk 


  • Pull down entry zones 1,2 & 4, 3 will remain open and used for First Aid Admin and any late people 

  • Move to help empty Pennington Gardens of people 

  • Distribute trash bags around Pennington Gardens  

  • Jump into a sector and do the Walk

  • If you would like to assist at Pennington Gardens please instead of walking let us know 

Team Marshals 

Event opens to the Public (9:30am)

Team Marshals will manage;


  • Giving out water 

  • Walk for Life sign distribution 

  • Distribution of LOVE THEM BOTH wristbands

  • Pack up of signs at the end of the event

Check In Marshals & Team Marshals at Check In

Prior to leaving for walk 


  • Pull down entry zones 1,2 & 4, 3 will remain open and used for First Aid Admin and any late people 

  • Move to help empty Pennington Gardens of people 

  • Distribute trash bags around Pennington Gardens  

  • Jump into a sector and do the Walk

  • If you would like to assist at Pennington Gardens please instead of walking let us know 

Exit onto King William Road  

Sector Density  & Exit Map fig 1.7.jpg

Walk Route