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Walk for life 
February 11th 2023

Let Them Live

Walk for Life
11th of February 2023

The Federal Parliament is trying to broaden out abortion laws in Australia.
On the 28th of September 2022, the Senate referred an inquiry into Universal Access to Reproductive Healthcare. This could allow the Federal Government to put controls over our State laws. 

Walk for Life 2023

Declaration for the unborn

 We decree that all children from conception forward are human beings and from this day that the unborn child now and forever be set free and shall be welcomed in life and protected by our laws.
We join in this noble endeavor to speak for those children in the womb that cannot speak for themselves, we decree Let Them Live

We need your support

The Walk for Life is a volunteer organisation, behind the scenes our team work with community groups, churches, politicians and pregnancy support services for women. We run seminars, events throughout the year, political campaigns, educational short videos and the Walk for Life. 

Your donations enable us to continue this work and expand our reach.

Details for the Walk for Life 

When: 11th of February 2023

Location: Pennington Gardens 

Event starts: 10:00 am 

Gates open:  9:00 am 

Parking: Parking is available in the Uni Lane Carpark on Pennington Terrace, parking is $5.00. 

Bus Parking: Please contact Love Adelaide in advance for bus parking and directions.

Tickets: are available for free, please agree to the guidelines for the Walk for Life.

Guidelines for the Walk for Life

Love Adelaide exists to stand for truth and intercede for the preborn through gathering together with others who are in agreement with our mission.


As we walk, may our countenance and attitude of our faith be evident with all interactions with each other. We welcome everyone who wishes to stand for life with us in this respectful way, regardless of their faith, ethnicity, age or gender.


We ask that you not engage with anyone that is expressing their opposition to our peaceful Walk for Life event. Our trained marshals, professional security and police are all here to keep our event safe. Anyone making nuisance noise will be asked to leave.


Please remember no megaphones or signs. Our official signs will be available for you to carry while at this event. Please obey the marshals, security team and police on the walk.


Our role is simple - to stand in the gap and be a voice for the voiceless, as we cover Adelaide in prayer and love.

3000 people walked for life in 2022.


Keep up to date with details for the Walk for Life 2022 by subscribing.


Join our young lifers as they make a stand for life in their sphere of influence. 

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