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Write a Letter

Submissions closed March 10th 2023.
Now it is time to lobby your state Senators in support of the Babies Born Alive bill.

Three steps to writing a letter



Tell them how you feel about babies being born alive and left to die.


Feelings are very powerful in our culture at the moment, maybe even the most powerful method of communication that opens other people’s minds to new ideas.



Tell them what you have lived (If you have seen a: 

Baby born alive, or have heard someone sharing about it, mention this!


Your story is powerful and can not be so easily argued against. 



Tell them what you know - you can mention the statistics, that you have actually read the part of the reports listing the number of babies born alive and left to die (if you have read it), or other information that might be relevant (see links at the bottom for more ideas).

It's easy to write a letter with our submit software. 

Let us do the hard work for you!
Our submit software will send directly to your state Senators all across Australia, as well as your local Federal Member of Parliament. 

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The story of Jessica Jane

A coroner’s case from the Northern Territory revealed that little Jessica Jane who was born during an abortion, was put in a cold kidney dish crying, for one hour and twenty minutes before she died. 

Sleeping Baby

A Midwife Story

“When I began photographing the baby, the flash stimulated this little boy to breath. I was horrified, how could he have possibly survived the termination? We didn’t know what to do, there was no policy for this situation. I picked up this perfectly formed baby wrapped him is a blanket and put him under a heater in the storeroom. It was so distressing.”

Need a template?

Make sure you add your own content.

Facts and Data

Looking at adding facts to your submission?

Check out the easy read infographics.

Use our submit software to send letters to your state Senators

This does all the work for you, simply enter your address and contact information and our software will send to all your state Senators and your local Federal MP with one click.


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