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Babies Born Alive 

My Story 

The My Story campaign seeks to record testimonies of babies born alive from a first person account. We know the power of these stories and they must be preserved.  Sharing your story can be painful and we thank you for even considering sharing. Your details will be kept confidential and only your pseudonym will be made public.

Where will my story be shared? The stories collated from this page will be shared with various members of parliament. Stories may appear in social media videos, educational campaigns, conferences, websites, marketing materials, on this website, on other organizations materials, individuals sites and in Hansard.

You maybe contacted about your story via email and or phone by Love Adelaide. 

Please note that we cannot include any details that may identify: the facility, health care practice, any other person/healthcare workers involved etc, the city, any family members, or relatives of the baby.


 We do not wish to invade your privacy, however because there are people who will attempt to discredit the reality of this issue, we are ensuring that required information is present to maintain credibility. Your story is powerful, thank you for sharing.

My Story 

We will use a pseudonym in any printed, oral, online accounts. This is so your story will not be dismissed by those who wish to deny this issue is happening. We may need to follow up via email or phone to verify particulars of your story. 

We are looking for stories of babies born alive and left to die in Australia, and the information requested helps to give each baby an identity. 


As you share your story, you may wish to include these details on the baby. How did you know it was alive? Did it cry?  Did it seemed distressed?  What did it look like?  What did the Doctors do?  What did the nurses do?  What time did it die?


You may like to include your feelings, the effect it had on you, how you felt at he time? How do you feel about it now?


The writing space below is left intentionally large, your story can be short or long. Each one matters.    ​

The questions below relate to the babies weight, size, gestation and lifespan. You may have included these details in your story, but we would like particulars on the baby to present to law makers. 


The reason we are asking for specific information is to protect the credibility of your story.

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