It is time to write to your local MP. 


Our immediate request for action is directed to your local Member of Parliament and all Upper House Members of Parliament.

Please take the time to write, preferably in your own handwriting.

Together, united, our voices need to be heard by the elected members of our state.

Please write in your own words, edit or add to this suggested letter.


Dear insert MPs name                                                                                                    DATE

I write in relation to the Attorney General Vickie Chapman's Termination of Pregnancy Bill 2020. I am very concerned that this bill will allow for abortions up to birth. There is never a time in the third trimester that a baby would need to be aborted to save the mother's life, to suggest this is inhumane.

It was not declared to us as voters before the last election that the Attorney General would coordinate such a bill. If I had known it would have affected my vote.

I ask you to please reject this abortion up to birth bill.


Kind regards

insert your name and address

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