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The Walk for Life is a peaceful event and for everyone's safety we ask that you are at all times polite and respectful of others. 


SA Health recommendations ( include 1.5m social distancing whenever and whereever you can, stay at home if you are unwell, it is not mandatory for the general community, but it is recommended to wear a mask when out in public if you are unable to physically distance. 

  • Please arrive early to check in, Gates Open 9.30am

  • Those who have pre-registered at or who have QR scanning on their phones:
    Please enter through GATES 1 or 2 (carpark side of Pennington Gardens)                                    or  GATE 4 (King William Rd side)
    Those who need to sign in on paper or who require wheelchair or walker access:
    Please enter through GATE 3 (Pennington Rd side of Pennington Gardens, across from St Peters Cathedral)

  •  If you have completed Pre Covid Safe Registration, please have your ticket available to show a Marshal either printed out or on your phone.

  • You will be given your entry wristband, please follow Marshal directions to go to your allocated area in Pennington Gardens.

  •  No megaphones, no signs. Walk for Life provide official signs, please               come early to select a sign. 

  • In the unlikely event that there are protestors, we ask that; you do not                   engage in anyway, keep walking and do not respond, or make                         physical contact with anyone. 

  • If any hecklers are hostile towards you, security and the police will be in        attendance to arrest anyone exhibiting aggressive behaviour. By all means feel free to film anyone intimidating you.

  • We ask that you stay within the designated boundaries of the Walk as                 directed by the Marshals, Security, Police, and Lead Walkers. 

  • Please exercise sun safety, bring hats, sunscreen, umbrellas and                         most importantly water.

  • There are public toilets at St Peter's Cathedral, near Jolley's Boat House and the Adelaide Train Station near Parliament House.

  • There will be limited seating available for those who may not be able to             stand at Pennington Gardens. You are most welcome to BYO a folding chair.

  • The 1.8km Walk is a circuit from Pennington Gardens past Parliament House returning back to Pennington Gardens across the Torrens River Footbridge. It is not essential to Walk, everyone is welcome to hear the speakers at Pennington Gardens and cheer the Walkers on their way!

  • Please be prepared along the Walk to adhere to social distancing with your family group. This may at times mean slowing or stopping as Walkers ahead are safely guided over crossings.

  • If you have any concerns on the day please speak with our Marshals                   wearing High-Vis vests. 

Thank you for making the effort to attend this important event.