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Abortion reform coming to SA

Abortion up to birth - Are you okay with this?

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On Wednesday 23rd September the Lower House of SA Parliament passed the

Health Care (Safe Access) Amendment Bill 2020.
This is an assault on religious freedom and freedom of speech. Within weeks the Upper House will vote and if passed brought into law. The chance of this bill being defeated now is extremely low.
For the first time in South Australian history there will be places in our state that it will be illegal to silently pray, this is an assault on our religious freedom. 

We can not exaggerate the impact this bill will have and the tragedy of what is coming if we don't make a bold united stand together. This is only the start of the attack on our culture as we know it, next will be the presentation of the abortion reform bill. This bill will seek to remove all gestational limits and allow abortion of viable babies right up to the time of their birth. The most vulnerable among us, viable babies not yet born need us to make a stand for their lives. If every Christian contacted their local MP there is great hope to stop this inhumane law. We need all of our leaders to share this information to help educate our communities and encourage our individual efforts.
Five states in our nation have already legalised abortion up to birth.
This agenda of death is sweeping Australia and South Australia has the opportunity to stop it, there is hope. It is vital we all do what we can and make it clear to our elected members of Parliament that SA does not want abortion up to birth and we expect them to vote to the conscience of their electorate.
Thank you for coming out in great numbers for the Walk for Life in February this year. The covid crisis has held off this legislation but the Attorney General Vickie Chapman has stated her intent that she will present her abortion up to birth bill this year. Our hope is our unity and love for both mother and baby.

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