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abortion in South Australia 

Abortion in South Australia 

Abortion was legalized in SA in 1969. For over 50 years the gestational limit for termination had been 28 weeks. In 2021 The Termination of Bill 2020 became law with provisions for late term abortions. 

February 2021 will be recorded in the history of South Australia when our legislators under the guise of decriminalisation legalised abortion up to birth. The most vulnerable, unborn children will be able to be aborted past the stage of being capable of being born alive once enacted in a few weeks.

The bill did not pass unamended, all of our collective efforts placed enough pressure on our MPs that 5 very significant amendments were passed.

1. For abortions after 22 weeks and 6 days seven mandatory considerations for medical practitioners were included.

2. Care of babies born alive after termination.

3. Information about accessing counselling must be provided prior to a termination.

4. Illegal to abort for sex selection.

5. Conscientious objection clause modified

How did we get to full term abortion?

Latest South Australian Pregnancy Outcome Report 2017 recorded 4349 babies terminated. 95% reported the reason was for the mental health of the mother.


A bill was introduced into parliament by Greens MP Tammy Franks in 2018.

The Attorney General for SA, Vickie Chapman, requested a report into abortion from the South Australian Law Reform Institute (SALRI).

In October 2019 the South Australian Law Reform Institute(SALRI) report was published with 60 plus recommendations including abortion up to birth.

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